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Video games are back, people. And in a big way.

Sure, younger generations never stopped playing and saying that video games are “back” would ignore the immense growth the industry has seen in the last decade, even rivalling “real” sports for viewership and attendance numbers.

But with the quarantine going on, even the older generations are rediscovering their love of the electronic arts (it’s in the game). I can’t remember the last time I played this much.

One game that has taken the world by storm during the quarantine has been Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch. A legacy title that had been highly anticipated long before everyone knew they’d be stuck at home with nothing to do but live vicariously through these cute little characters, it’s been a smash hit, to say the least.

In Animal Crossing, you can customise your character’s clothing and environment, even allowing the user to design their own clothing within the game. Once we started seeing people tag us in photos of their characters wearing Empire Clothing, we became even more intrigued.

So, with the help of Nicole at Acnh fashion, we put our entire new Fall Winter Logo Pack release into the game. Now, you can wear these pieces in real life and in the world of Animal Crossing!

Make sure you tag us in all of your Animal Crossing look book shots!

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